Awakening Of The Spirit Series

Book 1: Blood of my Blood

Special Agent Alexander Rubidoux has been working kidnappings for years but he's never come across anything like the disappearance of wealthy financier Paul Kirsch. During his investigation, Washington, DC goes from a town he's know forever to a supernatural maelstrom. Can he survive when his world suddenly isn't his at all anymore?

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Book 2: The Providence of Human Affairs

Sam Kassmeyer has been a spirit for a long time. He's gone on many journeys and worked cases that never left him. But none of that could prepare him for the unthinkable…hearing the prayers of a frightened human being. Those stark words send Sam on a case that brings him face to face with an ancient prophecy and a destiny beyond his wildest dreams. The prophecy, along with enemies old and new, are enough to push Sam to the brink as a spirit. But then emotions he thought were long dormant nearly bring the entire case to a grinding halt.

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Book 3: Soulless

Washington, D.C. can be a dangerous place. Women in the District are being murdered, their souls removed by a missioned based killer. Who are these women? Where are their souls? And most important, who has decided to do away with them? Jacob Falconer intends to find out as he works the case with his spirit team of Alexander Rubidoux, Sam Kassmeyer, and Mandy North. But with young Nathan Kirsch disappearing after a family quarrel, this team will have to work two big cases at once. They’ll need the help of their supernatural squad of consorts and one very determined human FBI agent to stop the killer before his unknown mission is complete and to bring Nathan safely home.

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